About us

Fleet management is more than getting well-priced vehicles. It also involves keeping track of each vehicle’s life cycle and ensuring that it is properly maintained, as well as calculating residual value risks at the end of the vehicle lifecycle. It is also an endless administration of licences, fines and tolling.

As an efficient business, you want to spend less time managing your fleet and more time focussing on other strategic areas. Why not outsource your fleet’s management to a trusted and experienced industry partner? You can then concentrate on getting things done, while knowing that your fleet is in safe, experienced hands.

Lereko Fleet Management is the leading fleet manager in South Africa. Our management team has more than 20 years’ proven experience in leasing management on both a small and large-scale. We will reduce your risks and costs, while maintaining operational efficiency. We’ll look far and wide to ensure that you get the exact vehicles you require. We’ll even provide a complete administrative solution that includes finance management, maintenance and driver behaviour monitoring.