What can you look forward to with us?

Financed solutions

  • Operating lease with managed maintenance, including:
    • Monthly rental
    • Maintenance rebills
    • No residual risk
  • Full maintenance lease, including:
    • Fully-funded fleet procurement (terms and conditions apply)
    • Monthly rental
    • No residual risk
    • Rebills (limited to out-of-contract maintenance)

Non-financed solutions

  • Managed maintenance, including:
    • Monthly administration fee
    • Rebills for all maintenance

Value-added products

We offer you tailor-made fleet management solutions to help your business go forward. Our value-added products include:

  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Roadside assistance – With a dedicated 24-hour call centre
  • Tracking and asset management
  • Vehicle licensing and registration – Including annual renewal service
  • Fuel cards – With tolling
  • Toll-free management service – Including e-tags
  • Traffic fine administration – Fully AARTO-compliant traffic fine management solution
  • Accident management

“Our focus is on providing customisable fleet management solutions that can be modelled on our client’s business to meet their individual needs.” Quinten Indarjith, Lereko Fleet Management CEO